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Autumn 2018 Rehearsal Notes

A message from Aidan:


Looking ahead to next season, I thought it might be helpful to circulate some information about the repertoire that we'll be performing at our concert on 1 December. The full programme is as follows:


  • Haydn: Te Deum no.2 in C

  • Vaughan Williams: Toward the Unknown Region

  • Haydn:  Missa in Tempore Belli - 'Mass in Time of War' (Paukenmesse)


Some of you may have seen or heard the recent First Night of the Proms, which featured an excellent performance of Toward the Unknown Region, and like our programme took its inspiration from this year's First World War centenary, as well as the 60th anniversary of Vaughan Williams' death. 


Toward the Unknown Region is a setting of typically visionary words (beginning 'Darest thou now O soul?')  by the American poet Walt Whitman, this 12-minute work is a mini-masterpiece that begins with cautious tread but ends in a blaze of excitement. Our programme begins with one of Haydn's most exuberant and enjoyable shorter works, the Te Deum no.2 in C, and in the second half we will be singing one of his six great masses, the 'Mass in Time of War'. The title 'In tempore belli' reflects the troubled times of the Napoleonic wars, but musically the alternative title, Paukenmesse, is even more informative, reflecting Haydn’s dramatic use of the kettledrum together with military trumpets, notably in the closing ‘Dona nobis pacem’. 

  • Recommended recordings: There are of course other excellent recordings of all these works, but the Chandos Haydn CD may be particularly on interest as it includes both the Paukenmesse and the Te Deum no.2 on the same disc.